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Krajowa Rada Drobiarstwa – Izba Gospodarcza (The National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce)

in Warsaw is a leading poultry sector organisation in Poland. It has been established on the 11th of March, 1998. In 2016, NPC-CC celebrated its 25th anniversary of continuous activity.

Currently NPC-CC consists of 100 members of various specialisations from poultry industry. NPC-CC members include agricultural universities, associations of poultry farmers and producers, poultry meat processing plants, feed production plants and individual poultry farmers and producers. They represent every field of Polish poultry business sector: farming, breeding, hatching, poultry and egg production, poultry meat and egg processing, trade in poultry, poultry meat products and poultry feed production.

NPC-CC members produce approximately 70% of the total slaughter poultry production volume and approximately 90% of Polish exported poultry products.

Uniting the Polish poultry industry in order to work together for the common good is NPC-CC’s main goal. The Chamber actively stimulates Polish poultry sector growth and modernisation. NPC-CC prioritises the protection of interests of poultry farmers, producers and poultry meat processors. It also represents the poultry industry in relations with Polish government, administration and non-public organisations.

NPC-CC co-ordinates promotional and communication projects for poultry industry using the financial aid of Fundusz Promocji Mięsa Drobiowego (Poultry Meat Promotion Fund) and EU. The Chamber is also responsible for commencing image-building activities in the crisis cases.

In addition NPC-CC maintains a wide range of educational and informational initiatives. The Chamber actively represents Polish poultry industry in Europe and worldwide. To fulfil this particular mission, NPC-CC works as an active member of international poultry organisations, like AVEC, WPSA, CLITRAVI and ELPHA.

As ordained by The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, NPC-CC is officially assigned with several tasks from the field of poultry breeding and assessment. The Chamber works on creating and implementing breeding programmes, assesses the breeding and commercial quality of poultry, keeps poultry breeding books for officially recognized lineages.

We invite You to learn more about NPC-CC activities. We also invite all of the businesses and organisations that form the of Polish poultry industry to become our members. Co-operation with every new partner is a vital matter to us. Only together we can take care of our matters.

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