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We invite you to become a member of our Chamber. Only together we can take care of our matters.



Who can become a member of NPC-CC?

Full members include:

  • Poultry slaughter and processing plants
  • Poultry processing plants
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Animal feed manufacturers
  • Egg processing plants
  • Breeding farms, poultry reproductive farms, large-scale poultry livestock and eggs production farms
  • Poultry hatcheries
  • Feather processing plants
  • Local and regional associations of poultry breeders and producers

Supporting members include:

  • Universities and science institutes
  • Natural and public bodies with significant scientific output on poultry
  • Companies supplying products for poultry industry

In addition NPC-CC admits honorary members.

To join NPC-CC, please download, fill in and send the application form to

Druk deklaracji członkowskiej (pdf 256 kb)

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